A little about me: I was born in Greeneville, TN. and raised on a dairy farm in the small farming community of Oakland. Which is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Upper East Tennessee, near Johnson City.

My parents had three other children – boys.  That means four boys.  Most of the things we knew about life were derived from the cows we milked and the farm we grew up on. I learned a lot about the parables of Christ since I worked the land like most of the people of Jesus’ day.

Our parents were members of Grace Brethren Church, so naturally we all joined as we grew to the age of accountability. The doctrine of the church is very similar to Southern Baptist doctrine, with the major difference being Triune immersion form of baptism. As a young lad of about 10 years old, I gave my heart to Christ and determined to follow him.

Along the way, I became sidetracked with rebellion.  I “dabbled” with church through my teen years, and even the early years of my marriage, before turning my back on it.  My wife attended Fordtown  Baptist Church, and one night during a revival service, I went with her.  Pastor Frank Proffitt was bringing the message and it was as if I heard the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time.  I fully accepted Christ’s love for me and He immediately began a lifelong process of molding me into something He could use.

He started with opening a door for employment at Eastman Chemical Company.  I was accepted to begin a maintenance apprenticeship, then God opened another door to move up in the organization, then another door to become a mentor and coach to all levels of employees, from entry level to senior management.  This allowed me to become skillful in a areas of leading, visioning, conflict management, strategic planning as well as many other areas.  I did not realize it at the time, but God was at work in my life to bring me to this season of my life.

At the time I started my career at Eastman Chemical, I married my high school sweetheart, Patricia (Pat).  The second best commitment of my life. (The first was accepting Christ as Savior)  After several years of marriage, God blessed us with a son, Aaron.  Then two years later, a daughter, Emily.  Now, they are grown with families of their own and we are blessed again with four Grandchildren.  I have found the “Grand” in front of children doesn’t  really denote generations, but the fact that they are GRAND!

God continued to work in my life and allowed me to continue my education to seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry degree.

Ministry Experience Administration/Leadership: leading in change, team development, diversity training, strategy/purpose development and implementation, volunteer enlistment and training, sermon series development, budget and finance, staff development, small-group curriculum development in conjunction with sermon series, managing team members and schedules, baptisms, assimilation, recovery ministry launch.

Public Speaking: Over 30 years experience in public speaking before a wide variety of organizations and venues, conducted scores of weddings and funerals, speaking in various churches and organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Outreach: The very best evangelistic, faith based, outreach that is available TO the local church, IS the Church!  We, the Church, were placed in our communities to reach our communities.  But first, we must understand how to do that. I propose we become a major part of the community.  You should know I am not a fan of cold calling, door knocking, surprising people at home, evangelism.  The family of the 21st century does not readily accept “strangers” coming to their door unannounced.  Better to meet them at work, in the grocery store, at the time of need, and invite them to share the faith and closeness you have found in Jesus. I have led and trained teams, of both Youth and Adults, to engage adults, youth and children in block parties on mission trips to New York, backyard Bible clubs, created events for student ministry to open dialogue with unchurched students.  Yet, in all that, I strongly believe the key to take the Kingdom is by Prayer, Not by effort.

Youth Ministry: weekly teaching, small group development, school-based affinity groups, mission trips, camps and conferences.


Certified as Transitional Interim Pastor through Lifeway

Liberty University, Virginia (Associate degree in Bible)

Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies, Jacksonville, FL. (Master degree in Christian Counseling)

Trinity Seminary, Jacksonville, FL (Doctor of Ministry)

Ministry History (beginning with most recent)

Antioch Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN – Associate Pastor

First Baptist Church, Fall Branch, TN – Senior Pastor

North Johnson City Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN- Senior Pastor

Harmony Baptist Church, Jonesborough, TN-Youth and Associate Pastor

Mill Creek Baptist Church, Kingsport, TN-Senior Pastor

Boones Creek Baptist Church, Boones Creek, TN-Youth Minister

I value this

Not this

Prayer-based church development

Pastor-led team approach

Kingdom expansion

Transparent leadership

Long-term leadership






Authentic worship



Deep and meaningful friendships

Community service


Family-based ministry


Church leaders who care for others

Partnership ministry

Integrated ministry

People who ask “why not?”

Community-appropriate style

Program-based church development

Pastor-dictated or committee-led

Church growth

Hidden agendas

Dramatic changes


I can’t




Worship wars



Casual connections

“Trip” projects


Activity that separates families


Professional relationships only

Project ministry

Isolated religion

People who ask “why?”

Cool Church

What I Really Believe About…

  • I believe that life’s ultimate concern is what I think of and do about Jesus Christ—everything else is just details.
  •  I believe that my family is the most important group of people on the planet.
  • I believe that the true gauge of my walk with God is how I treat people.
  • I believe in investing my time and energy in ministries that allow me to operate in my strengths.
  • I believe in doing church on purpose and with purpose.
  • I believe that we become Christians in an instant (justification) but that it takes us the rest of our lives to realize what happened (sanctification).
  • I believe that keeping in step with the Holy Spirit is vital to the Christian life, and that religion, rules, and ritual are lethal to the Christian life.