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Like Jeff Foxworthy’s line: “You might be a Redneck if:…”  I have listed some things that may trigger you to look at a Transitional Pastor.  These are some of the things to look at/for, and they do not mean you are in failure, or that the church is about to close.  They are just triggers to make you more aware of what is happening in your church.

Churches in transition reflect certain descriptive characteristics. The following is a list of those characteristics. Check the list to see if any of these characteristics describe your church. If so, your church is in transition and faces important decisions for future ministry and witness in your community.

Check the ones, which apply:

___ decline in the past five years

___ no local outreach

___ lack of vision

___ weak faith/”we can’t do it” attitude

___ sense of hopelessness, people are discouraged

___ unwillingness to change

___ incompatible with their community

___ “got to do something or we will die”

___ lack of leadership

___ church income declining

__ unable to pay the bills, including missions giving

___ unable to pay the mortgage

___ no plan for the future

___ no sense of teamship/individuals desire to do their own thing

___ unwillingness to face the reality of their situation

____ buildings deteriorating, need urgent repair

___ older membership desiring stability

___ no spiritual vitality or excitement to share their faith

___ unwillingness to ask for outside assistance

____ no desire to reach out beyond their church doors


This may be the first “taste” you have had of anything called a “A Transitional Pastor”. This is my way of explaining what that is all about: it is a very intentional way of helping the church family navigate between a former Pastor and a new Pastor.  His goal is to help the church mend any spiritual or relational issues that may exist in the church family and have come to the surface since the former Pastor has left.

He may assist the church family in organizing for ministry and church growth.  He may also help the current staff by training for ministry and preparing them for the arrival of a new Pastor.

He will need to help the church plan some special events to enhance fellowship and outreach.

He will need to help prepare the congregation to receive a new Pastor by educating the congregation on the ministry of the church and the role of the Pastor.

These are a few of the things you can expect.  There are more, and we will go farther in the next blog.